African Bluegrass

PY_AHJ_AfricanBluegrass Aromas

African bluegrass is a fast-growing grass known as Giant Turpentine Grass in South Africa and belongs to the same family as gingergrass and lemongrass.


Botanical name Cymbopogon validus
Family name Poaceae
Origin South Africa
Principal component Myrcene 25%〜30%
Extraction Method steam distillation
Plant parts used Leaves
Note Middle
Strength of aroma Medium to Strong
Smell Herbal scent-like grass
Oil Blends Well Very well with essential oils from the citrus family and soft floral notes
Main benefits Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, skin astringent, analgesic, etc.
Use Fragrant bath, scenting of handmade cosmetics, foot bath, etc.
Cautions Please dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil before use.
A skin test before use is recommended as it can cause skin irritation to some people.
Please be careful not to get it in your eyes.