PY_AHJ_Iris Aromas

Iris is a perennial plant with beautiful violet flowers, and its name is derived from the Greek goddess Iris, the rainbow goddess. Known as a very expensive essential oil, it is mainly used to enjoy the aroma.


Botanical name Iris pallida, Iris germanica, Iris florentina
Family name Iridaceae
Origin Mediterranean coast such as Italy and Morocco
Principal component Ketones (-γ-iron, α-iron), etc.
Extraction Method steam distillation
Plant parts used Roots
Note Middle
Strength of aroma Strong
Smell Floral scent like soap bubbles.
Oil Blends Well Very well with essential oils from earthy such as sandalwood, wood, and resin
Main benefits Relaxing, purifying, whitening, etc.
Use Fragrant bath, scenting of handmade cosmetics, etc.
Cautions Since it contains ketones, it is highly irritating to the skin. Please refrain from applying undiluted solution or high-concentration essential oil to the skin.
Also, if you are pregnant, please avoid using it.